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  • * Specialists in Strata Management Emergency & Maintenance Plumbing – 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week.
  • * We provide Emergency & Maintenance Plumbing services for more than 25 well-established Strata Management Companies; Real Estate Agencies and hundreds of long-term private customers.
  • * Our team of plumbers are hand-picked for their professionalism, as well as their skills & problem solving abilities, so that you, as a customer can trust our staff and our services, time and time again. Learn more about our business
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    About Us

    Based on the experience passed down from a long line of family plumbers, Ivy Street Plumbing prides itself on its’ ability to balance old fashioned values – including personal service, timeliness, honesty & value for money- with current technology & practices to ensure that your plumbing jobs are undertaken with care and efficiency.

    Ivy Street Plumbing staff are qualified & highly experienced in maintenance plumbing – including sewer blockages, burst pipes, replacement of sewer, stormwater and gas pipes, new service installation & fitouts, repair and ongoing maintenance of roof and gutter systems.

    We value our customers and look to ensure that every job we do results in a quality experience that is valued by you.

    To learn more about the history of Ivy Street Plumbing and its background, please click here. We also welcome your questions and feedback on our services via info@ivystreetplumbing.com.au

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    History of Ivy Street Plumbing

    The introduction of all Ivy Street Plumbing services as a business in 2013, has been founded on the extensive and invaluable experience of working alongside my father at the former ‘Fallon & Sons’ family plumbing business for more than 20 years. The ‘Fallon’ referred to my grandfather and the ‘Sons’ referred to my father Robert and my two uncles Paul and Peter- hence how Fallon & Sons came to be.

    My grandfather, and his brother George, first began plumbing in 1946 after returning from 5 years of war. Return servicemen were subsidised for learning a trade. After learning their new post-war trade, my grandfather and his brother worked as plumbers for their entire working career, with Great Uncle George retiring in the early 1990s and my grandfather retiring in 2003 at 81 years of age. Their father was also a tradesman - a qualified electrician.

    Fallon & Sons Pty Ltd, whom I spent the majority of my working career with, was managed by my parents since the mid-eighties - with my mother running the office and my father running the plumbing operations. I worked for Fallon & Sons since 1989 and over the years, the other ‘sons’ of Fallon & Sons branched out into their own plumbing businesses - Fallon Plumbing (owned by my uncle, Paul Fallon) and P M Fallon Plumbing (owned by my other uncle, Peter) respectively.

    I am really enjoying following in my father, uncle and grandfather's footsteps through Ivy St Plumbing and will continue to maintain the core old fashioned values of trustworthiness, honesty, and personalised customer service within the context of the modern strata, commercial and residential management environment.

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    • Ivy Street Plumbing works for many strata agencies servicing the strata plumbing industry.
    • Ivy Street Plumbing available for your commercial plumbing requirements.
    • Hot water heaters, blockages, tap washers, burst pipes, fixture replacements etc.
    • Clearing blocked drains with the use of a high pressure water jetter or electric eel machine.
      Replacement of all types of sewer/stormwater pipes when required.
      CCTV inspections.
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    Brad Fallon has been our Strata plumber for over 15 years as well as doing all of our private work, in that time we have found him and his team do great work with no job too big or too small, from changing a washer to clearing major blockages or fixing major leaks in old pipes.

    Brad and his team have always been punctual, helpful and willing to go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction.

    Ron Lovatt - Building Manager
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    We have used Ivy Street Plumbing (formerly Fallon’s Plumbing) for many years as the primary supplier of plumbing services to our strata units.

    A number of individual unit owners, including myself, have used them for non-strata related jobs We have found them to be totally professional providing punctual, efficient and cost effective service. The executive committee of Strata Plan 5128 has no hesitation in recommending Ivy Street Plumbing.

    Wolf Wottke - Secretary, “Edgewater”
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    My partner and I are owners of two investment properties (terraces) in Darlinghurst, and as we live in the country we rely on Brad to carry out roofing and other plumbing repairs in our absence. It gives us great peace of mind to be able to rely on Brad for his honesty, expertise and hard work. We have no hesitation in recommending Brad and his team at Ivy Street Plumbing. Clive West - Berrima

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